Welcome to my place, I am glad You have come!

People keep asking why “photo-graphics” instead of “photography”. Etymologically both these words mean “drawing with light”. However, generally “photography” is more connected with documentary depiction of reality while “graphics” selects and contrasts the main. Though the raw material comes from my camera, I never keep myself restricted to the traditional idea of photography when processing an image. Actually, it is the image itself that during my work on it tells me what to do next. And in very many cases, if not in most, the result is unexpectedly different from the prevision and even the idea I had had when taking the photo.

It is a high professionalism to be able to depict what actually exists, but for a piece of art, to my mind, it is too little. To turn a photo-document into art it is a must for the author to be able to step over the threshold after which his vision, his world, his idea or his feeling starts prevailing the material things we actually see. It is a must to be able to create, release and direct this “sacred flow” in a way that it undisturbed reaches the audience. And only time will show at which side of the threshold the author actually is.
I love minimalism and abstract, I love painterly photos. Less is more, as they say. And I agree. These styles do not restrict imagination and associations to the depicted, they let you go far beyond. How far, it depends on the viewer. The only limit here is the borderline of the viewer’s inner world. The richer the world, the more one can see.
A close to me theme is people. Wondering, where they are then? All around! In the things they have created, in the environment they have set up, in the situations they have shaped… in a flowerpot placed by loving hands on a windowsill and in a sunbeam striking through a just opened window. And if You fail to see a human soul behind these things, it’s a failure of mine…
Emotions & moods. You will notice groups of works with the same composition just in different shades of colour, which illustrates how differently we perceive one and the same thing being in different moods.

I am very thankful to life, which has been good to me, to my parents for what I am and to those great people around me who have taught me to see, taught me to convey what I see and feel.

Hoping that You will enjoy the site,
Egils Spuris

P.s. The year when a particular picture was created does not necessarily mean the year the button was pressed. Sometimes I look into my old frames and find there something not noticed before. As for the series, they are not completed sentences with full stops at the end. Whenever I have new words to add, I do it.